Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday until now...

This morning started slow... We were up till midnight cause the German version of Strictly come dancing (Let's dance) came yesterday. I almost started with standard dances at the age of 12 or 13 but it would have been too much work for me. So nowadays I am just so in awe when I looked the shows. Some stars are great at dancing and some are really bad (!). Not to mention the professional dancers!

Saturday is usually the day when I have loads to do. Today it was not the case. I went grocery shopping yesterday and even looked for a couch and some other stuff. Got some ideas but I need time to think.

I took the bull from the horns and went to the gym. Since I'm working from Monday till Friday, I'm not that amused if I have to get up early on Saturday. I ended up training for almost two hours and was really happy that I didn't stay at home and do nothing

As always, I don't look that charming in the picture but who cares!

After I got back home from the gym, I did some pampering: I had a foot bath and made my nails pretty:

I'm really getting the hang of the dotting technique. It took really long for those nails to look nice but I think after a couple more rounds, I can do such nails really quickly.

I'm off to get ready for tonight. Meeting up with friends to watch the Champions League final, two German teams against each other.

Wish everyone a nice Saturday evening!

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