Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nails, shoes and flat

I have some great news...

It looks like we are moving to another flat at the beginning of July. To a flat which I love already. ALOT! It's really almost the perfect for us. But I'll tell you about the flat another time. There is at least enough place for all my shoes and bags ;)

I surfed last week Deichmann online shop and saw shoes. Which I of course had to have! I just couldn't stop thinking about the shoes... and here they are:

I'll try to post during the coming weeks a pic me wearing the shoes. When the rain stops and it'll be a little bit warmer again (tomorrow: +8 degrees). I'm a big fan of wedge heels, they are really stable and I can walk with such shoes the whole day.

My friend Aida bought a dotting tool for her nails. The name itself says everything and I totally fell in love with the nails Aida did. Soooo I had to try doing dots on my nails too!
Here my end result:

And I can tell you something: the dots did not look that great after the first try. I had to try 3-4 times, so that I was really satisfied with the result.. so if you don't like the result after the first try, then try again ;)

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